Cyclosporine Eye Drops Provide Effective Dry Eye Treatment after Refractive Surgery
Release time:2021-06-28 author:SINQI

At the Sinqi satellite symposium of the 21st CCOS on June 18, Professor Yuan Jin of Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat-sen University pointed out that orthokeratology and refractive surgery, as common treatments for myopia, could cause dry eyes and even decreased visual function.

“Although anti-inflammatory hormones have broad-spectrum efficacy, they have a lot of side effects and are more suitable for short-term use. Immunosuppressants, which are mostly low-concentration cyclosporine, are more commonly used clinically today,” said Prof. Yuan. According to him, 0.05% cyclosporine eye drops can effectively improve the symptoms and signs of dry eyes after corneal refractive surgery, increase the secretion of tears by nearly 3 mm on average, increase tear film breakup time, reduce corneal staining and avoid inflammation. Thus, it can significantly improve the vision after refractive surgery and help achieve the expected results of refractive surgery.

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